Water Taxi Rates

*Cabbage Key: $50/passenger, 2hr stay, 2 person minimum.

*Cayo Costa Ranger Station: $60/passenger, 2 person min.

*Cayo Costa Beaches (Captiva Pass): $80/passenger, 4hr stay, 2 person min.

*Useppa Island: $60/passenger, Roundtrip, 2 person min.

*Gasparilla, Boca Grande, North Captiva: $125/hr

*Island Boat Tour: $150/hr, 2-3 hours.  Informative and extensive tour of Jug Creek, Pine Island Sound and Surrounding Islands. 

Rent Captain Dave: to drive your boat, lay some fresh tracks with a designated boater $60/hr. 

-Maximum Group Size 4 Passengers-

We try to schedule in as much flexibility as possible when it comes to running a water taxi service, so call us up with your last-minute requests…if we can, we will help you out.

*rates are subject to change*